Comparing Snowfalls in Dec 2007 and Dec 2000

If you were around in south-central and southeast Wisconsin during the month of December, 2000, you probably remember that month as being very snowy and cold.  Record December snows affects this area, and temperatures  were well below normal.  Between 25 and 55 inches fell in December alone.  Normal December snowfall across south-central and southeast Wisconsin is in the 10 to 14 inch range.

Below is a snow map for December, 2000 - how much snow fell in your local area?

dec 2000 snow map


It was almost the same story for south-central and southeast Wisconsin in December, 2007.  Snowfall was well above normal, ranging from roughly 20 inches on up to 36.5 inches.   However, in general, snow amounts were somewhat less for December, 2007, as compared to December, 2000.  Additionally, temperatures were near normal or slighly below normal.   December, 2007, featured a couple major winter storms/ice storms, as well as several other snow producers.

Below is a snow map for December, 2007 - how much snow fell in your local area?

snow map dec 2007


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