Did you know......(that we archive some Top News of the Day stories)?

Yes, we archive some of the more interesting and significant Top News of the Day stories.  They are archived on this web site - look at the vertical "blue" column of links found to the left of the base map of southern Wisconsin on our main web page.  Near the bottom you’ll find a section entitled "Local Information."  The last entry in this section is our "Top News Archive" link.

Some of the Top News of the Day stories - the ones that contain lots of text, images, and graphs - are archived on another page on this web site.  You can find these stories on our "Storm Write-Ups" page - the link for this page is just above the Top News Archive link.

Also - you can read up on significant weather events that affected south-central and southeast Wisconsin  in a publication entitled "Storm Data."  This publication (for January 1, 1996 into the current year) is found on this web site on our "Storm Spotter Page."  The Storm Spotter Page is found in the upper portion of the vertical "blue" column of links - in the Current Hazards section.  Near the bottom of the Storm Spotter Page you’ll find the link to Storm Data.


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