Navigating our site: Hourly Weather Graph tutorial

     Navigating web sites on the Internet can be challenging.  There is a mountain of information, but it isn’t always easy to find what you want.  And there are plenty of items that are out there but you haven’t stumbled upon yet.  Much as we try to avoid this on our sites, it still happens. 

     In this week’s tutorial we are highlighting the Hourly Weather Graph. Before we get started though, we recommend that you open another browser window.  Leave this tutorial in one browser window, and open our main home page,, in the other window.   The Hourly Weather Graph is easy to get to from our warning and forecast map on the front page of any National Weather Service home page.  On the map in the new browser window, left click near Milwaukee. (see example image below) 


This brings up the forecast for the point you selected (it will look like the image below).  You’ve got the Forecast at a Glance, the Detailed 7 Day Forecast, and the Current Conditions from the nearest airport observation.



     After refining the exact location you want in the Detailed Point Forecast window, you can click on Hourly Weather Graph.

      At the top left, you can select or de-select what forecast parameters you want to display.  The graph shows the forecast hourly conditions in chunks of 48 hours.  At the top right, you can select "move ahead" 2 Days >> and look farther into the future.  



Scrolling down, you can see all the details of the conditions for a particular hour by "hovering" your cursor over the hour of interest, and seeing the summary readout in the lower left.   In this example, the purple vertical line indicates where we sampled the 8 pm weather conditions.  This line won’t show up on the actual page. 



     Thanks for visiting the National Weather Service web site!  Next week, we plan to feature the Activity Planner. 

Jeff Craven, Science and Operations Officer

National Weather Service, Milwaukee/Sullivan WI

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