Smokey Skies Headed For Wisconsin?

Large fires across Idaho, Montana and Wyoming will generate a large plume of smoke that will spread east across the northern tier of the United States.

In the image below, the areas circled in red show where the large fires have flared up in the heat of the afternoon and early evening.  The fires across Idaho are especially active and are producing a huge smoke plume.
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As the plume of smoke enters the middle and upper levels of the atmosphere, the steering winds are expected to take this smoke across the Dakotas, Minnesota and the Great Lakes region, including Wisconsin.  You can see some of the smoke has already reached northern Minnesota.  It is shown in this visible satellite image as the smooth, milky white area across the northern reaches of that state.

This is not unusual.  Smokey skies from fires across the Western United States or parts of Canada often invade our area in the summer time.  Since the smoke is often at high levels in the atmosphere, we don’t  usually smell it.  It will turn our sunny, blue skies to sunny, milky white or gray skies.  The sunrises and sunsets can be spectacular under these conditions.  As the sun reaches the horizon, the sun’s rays travel through much more of the smoke, turning the sky into bright  crimson and orange displays. 

For more information on these and other wildland fires go to:

The National Interagency Fire Center

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