A cool summer in 2009 wraps up (updated Sep 2)

                  Issued 130 pm CDT Tue Sep 1 2009       Updated 415 pm CDT Wed Sep 2 2009  JPC

     Summer 2009 in southern Wisconsin was rather cool.   Madison set a record for the coolest July ever.  For June, July, and August, the summer of 2009 came in tied for the 11th coolest average temperature. 

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Weather charts for the period June 1 through August 31st revealed that the Jet Stream was unusually far south into the Great Lakes region during the summer.   This caused lower than normal pressure over the East Coast and higher pressures over the northern Rocky Mountains.  Thus, the flow over Wisconsin was stronger than normal from the north and northwest, bringing cooler and drier air down from Canada on a more frequent basis.    On the following charts,  H refers to higher than normal pressure and L to lower than normal pressureW refers to warmer than normal and C to cooler than normal. 

For additional background articles on the cool and dry summer, please check here:



Here is the table comparing this summer to the coolest ever summers in Madison. 

 Madison, Coolest June, July, August and year

 1    64.5    1915
 2    65.1    1967
 3    65.6    1982
 4    65.8    1992
 5    66.4    1965
 6    66.5    1969
 7    66.7    1985
 8    66.8    2004
11    66.9    2009

Here is a summary of the departure from normal 


                     Temperature/Departure       Precipitation/Departure
June                            67.0/ 0.0                        4.17/+0.12
July                             65.7/-5.9                       1.94/-1.99
August                          67.9/-1.2                       2.49/-1.84
Summer                                 -2.4                     -3.71
                     Temperature/Departure       Precipitation/Departure
June                              65.1/-1.2                       5.44/+1.88
July                              68.6/-3.4                      0.71/-2.87
August                           68.8/-1.8                      4.04/+0.01

Summer                                  -2.1                            -0.98

 Jeff Craven,  Science and Operations Officer

National Weather Service,  Milwaukee/Sullivan WI


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