Highs of 70 or Better for 1st 5 Days of May in Milwaukee

                     Highs of 70 or Better for 1st 5 Days of May 

High temperatures for the first 5 days of May in Milwaukee reached 70F or better for only the second time since weather records have been kept. The only other year that this has occurred was in 1934.

Other years had highs on 3 or 4 out of the first 5 days that were 70F or better, and some were overall warmer on average for the first 5 days of May than this year, but none had highs for all 5 days that reached or exceeded 70F.

It is interesting to note how similar the high temperatures are for the two years shown in the table below.

                           Milwaukee High Temperatures (Degrees F) 

                                          1934                   2010

                          May 1st      72                      76

                          May 2nd     75                      72

                          May 3rd      74                      74

                          May 4th      83                      82

                          May 5th      72                      71

The streak will come to an end today, as the high temperature in Milwaukee will only reach the lower to middle 50s as winds turn north, then northeast off Lake Michigan.



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