Information on Racine County Tornado

EF1 Tornado (Enhanced Fujita Scale) in Sturtevant, WI area of Racine County, 23 miles south of downtown Milwaukee. 

  • Tornado path was about 4.5 miles in length 
  • Max width 100 yards
  • 95 MPH winds
  • Started at 1:20 PM
  • Ended at 1:28 PM

Early in the afternoon on Sunday June 27, 2010, a lone thunderstorm developed in far southeast Wisconsin. The thunderstorm was small in size and short in height, but began to rotate as it moved into eastern Racine County. Funnel clouds were reported near Sturtevant, WI by local law enforcement at around 1:25 PM CDT. Downed trees and roof damage occurred along Corliss Ave just east of Wisconsin St. Two doors of the Sturtevant Fire Department were blown in (corner of Corliss and 90th St). The tornado then tracked east-southeast, flipping and moving two trailers about 50 yards as well as snapping three light poles in the same parking lot just east of Willow Rd. Additional downed trees were observed just west of the Wal-Mart parking lot along Hwy 11. Continuing the path towards the lake, multiple homes had downed trees. A possible waterspout was sited right off the shoreline between Chicory Rd and County Rd KR.  Below is a map with the path:

Here is the radar loop from the Terminal Doppler radar (TMKE) showing an up close look at the storm that produced the tornado. The entire life cycle of the thunderstorm was about 30 minutes and the rotation spun up and weakened within a 10 to 15 minute window:



Below is an picture showing a large uprooted tree that was pushed onto a the roof of a home.  LUckilky the roof sustained only minor damage.  This home was toward the end of the tornado path.

Sturtevant tree damage

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