Migratory Birds Take to the Sky

For anyone who woke up and checked out the radar early in the morning of the 26th, they would have been pleasantly surprised to see it was not precipitation that was the main focus but rather a naturally occurring phenomenon common this time of year. Beginning a little before 7 AM, migratory birds took to the skies to begin their trip to the south. The movement began in three main areas, the central portion of Green Lake County just south of Green Lake, in northwestern Dodge County and in easter Rock county. Over the course of one hour, the radar shows the birds flying southward. Although there was no confirmation of the type of bird, it is quite common to see the Canadian Geese in their flying V formation heading to the warmer temperatures of the south. 

Below is a radar loop showing the birds' progression over the course of two hours. Early on it can be observed that there were two distinct groups in flight to the north, but over time and with movement to the south, the radar shows the two groups merging into one large group. Even with this merger on radar though, it is unlikely that the birds would actually be flying as one large group but rather as numerous small groups shown as one group on the radar.



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