Oct 26 Tornado Confirmed in Racine County (now with damage photos)

EF1 Tornado (Enhanced Fujita Scale) from just south of the Kenosha/Racine County line near Somers to near Graceland Cemetery in the city of Racine. 

  • Tornado path was 6.35 miles in length 
  • Max width 75 yards
  • Winds around 105 MPH
  • Started at 7:47 AM, about 1.8 miles NNE of Somers and traveled 0.43 miles to the Racine/Kenosha county border.
  • Ended at 7:53 AM, about 2.2 miles W of Downtown Racine after traveling 5.92 miles through Racine County.

A thunderstorm along a cold front spawned a fast moving and short-lived tornado Tuesday morning from Somers in Kenosha County to Graceland Cemetery in the city of Racine. Strong low level wind shear was the major ingredient for the threat of tornadoes Tuesday morning. The tornado caused numerous uprooted trees, numerous snapped and downed power poles, roof damage to the Case and old Sapko buildings. Several doors were blown off the Case building. Several parked tractor trailers tipped over, a barn was blown off its foundation, and a 6 car garage was destroyed. Other minor structural damage occurred throughout the path of the tornado. The path of damage became more sporadic and less severe after the tornado passed the Case building, dissipating near Graceland Cemetery.  

Below is a map with the path:

Here is the radar loop from the Terminal Doppler radar (TMKE) showing an up close look at the storm that produced the tornado. The entire life cycle of the thunderstorm was about 6 minutes and the rotation spun up quickly and dissipated quickly:




Storm Damage Survey Photos:  (click on pictures for a larger image)

First sign of tornado damage at a farm near County Road KR and County Road EA in Kenosha County

garage destroyed  part of garage damaged nearby vehicle  parked tractor trailer overturned  parked tractor trailer overturned

Tornado damage to the old Sapko industrial building near the intersection of Hwy 11 and Oakes Rd in Mt Pleasant (Racine County)

old Sapko building  damage to the loading area on southwest side of bldg  damage to HVAC units on top of Sapko bldg


A house and barn sustained tornado damage along Hwy 11 near Oakes Rd. 

house on Hwy 11 and Oakes sustained roof damage  barn blown off its foundation  barn blown off foundation  trees snapped and uprooted near Hwy 11 and Oakes Rd

The Case manufacturing plant in Mt Pleasant (Hwy 11 and Oakes Rd) sustained damage to several garage doors and the roof.  It also overturned a parked semi trailer.

power lines down along Hwy 11 near Case  roof damage from inside Case plant  roof damage at Case plant  tractor trailer overturned at Case plant

The tornado weakened shortly after it hit the Case plant, but continued to produce more sporadic damage to trees and power poles along its track into Racine.  It appeared to have dissipated near the Graceland Cemetery in Racine. 

If you have any damage photos and wouldn't mind having them displayed on our website, please send them to us at: w-mkx.webmaster@noaa.gov

The tornado was associated with a very intense low pressure system that moved north through Minnesota Monday Night (10/25/10) through Tuesday (10/26/10).  Below is a 20 hour loop showing the development of the low pressure system from 11 PM Monday Night through 6 PM Tuesday evening. The pressure analysis is every 2 mb. Click the image for a larger version of the animation (about 2.8mb).

surface low animation

Click for larger version

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