Did a Tone-alerted Tornado Warning on NOAA Weather Radio Save Your Life?

The five National Weather Service office's that service Wisconsin, and the Wisconsin Emergency Management folks wish to talk to a Wisconsin resident who feels their life was saved due to a tone-alerted tornado warning on NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards.

Did the tone-alerted tornado warning prompt you to see a sturdy shelter prior to the arrival of the tornado?   ...and do you think your quick actions saved your life, or at least prevented or minimized injuries?

Can you help us - we'd love to hear your survivor story!

We want to use your story to attain our goal!

Wouldn't it be great if weather radios were as common as smoke alarms? 

Imagine how many lives we can save if everyone knew a tornado or a really bad severe thunderstorm with hurricane-forece winds was approaching their neighborhood!  Of course, we'd greatly minimize the number of injuries as well!

We'll be honest with you - we want to see if we can get a programmable weather radio into every home, condo, town-house, and apartment in Wisconsin.   Many Wisconsin residents already have a weather radio, but we have a long way to go.

We think your story will help us convince more people to purchase weather radios.

The same thing applies to all businesses and public buildings!  Wouldn't it be neat if everyone had a programmable weather radio?

In the past, a weather radio campaign sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Weather Service resulted in weather radios being shipped to all public and private schools.

We want to use your weather-radio, tornado survivor story for our upcoming 2011 Wisconsin Tornado & Severe Weather Awareness Week campaign which takes place April 11-15th.

Your story will enrich our campaign - can you help?

If you have a story to share, please e-mail one of the following people:

rusty.kapela@noaa.gov           lori.getter@wisconsin.gov         jerad.albracht@wisconsin.gov

Below is a listing of the information we need in your e-mail:


Telephone Number
Date and Location of your situation
How many minutes between the weather radio alert and when the tornado or storm hit
Details of your situation - what actually happened - where did you seek shelter, etc.
Do we have permission to use your story - put on-line and in handouts?
Do we have permission to use your name - if not, can we use your story if we use fictitious names?

FYI - May 11, 2011 is NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards Day in Wisconsin.  This 1-day campaign is co-sponsored by the five NWS offices that service Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Emergency Management team.  On this day we publicize the usefulness of the weather radio and encourage people to purchase them.

 In the past, commercial TV stations and county governments have held their own weather radio promotion campaigns, and many people purchased their first weather radio via those campaigns.  The National Weather Service and the Wisconsin Emergency Management team greatly appreciate those efforts! 

Public surveys and research has shown that most people still obtain severe weather warning information via commercial TV & radio, and cable stations,  The beauty of have a weather radio unit is that they have back-up battery power.  So, if you lose commercial electrical power, you can still obtain 24/7 warning information via weather radios.

There probably is a growing segment of the population that obtains their warning information via an electronic device such as cells phones, pagers/beepers, and other hand-held devices. However, we don't have a good idea of the population penetration of these devices. 

You can listen to some weather radio broadcasts on-line.  Click here for details.  However, you should NOT rely on Internet audio to receive watches or warnings.

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