Jan 28-30, 1947 Milwaukee Blizzard - do you have any personal pictures of that blizzard?

Yes - we survived the Groundhog Blizzard of 2011.  We've recieved a number of great picutures from severe weather spotters, and the general public showing how big their snow drifts were, and so on.  Thanks a bunch!

The 2011 Groundhog Blizzard may be equal to the the January 28-30, 1947 blizzard that struck the Milwaukee area.  However, we have no personal pictures from the 1947 blizzard showing how deep the snow was, or the height of snow drifts.  Do you happen to have a picture from the 1947 blizzard that you are willing to share with the National Weather Service?  We'd like to put your picture into a Top News Story.  Of course, your picture becomes "public domain" once we put it on our web site.  We will put your name and location on the picture 9s) for credit.

If you can help us out, please e-mail a scanned image of your picture to: rusty.kapela@noaa.gov

Thank you very much!

Below is a brief summary of that January 28-30, 1947 blizzard:


Arguably the worst snowstorm that ever struck Milwaukee. The three-day snowfall total from records was 18 inches, but this amount is likely to be far below the actual amount that fell, due to the considerable blowing and drifting. During the height of the storm the winds were northeast at 25 to 45 mph and visibilities were near zero in the moderate to heavy snow and blowing snow. Huge drifts, as high as 15 feet, brought all traffic to a standstill and not until the 31st was partial train and streetcar service restored. All stores, factories, offices, and schools were closed from two to four days with many people stranded in cars, buses, trains, railroad depots, and hotel lobbies. The snowstorm was perhaps the longest, worst, and most costliest in Milwaukee history.

For comparison....we have a personal account of a blizzard in 1881 that hit southern Wisconsin:  1881 Blizzard

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