Hail Reports and Pictures Wanted From Wednesday, May 11th Severe Thunderstorms

Strong to severe thunderstorms passed over southern Wisconsin during the afternoon and early evening hours on Wednesday, May 11th. Hail and heavy rains accompanied these storms, with rain fall amounts between half an inch to an inch and a half. Hail was the primary severe threat, especially across Dane and Jefferson counties where numerous one inch reports were noted. A softball size (4.25 inches) hailstone was reported outside of Jefferson in Jefferson County and a couple other spots reported up to 2 inches.

If you have a hail report from the storms that crossed the area Wednesday, we would appreciate hearing about it! Please email the NWS office at w-mkx.webmaster@noaa.gov and include the time of occurrence, the location (i.e 4 miles west of Dousman) and size of the hail. The chart below will help with sizes, if you were unable to do an exact measurement. Please include if it is an exact measurement or an estimate. We would also appreciate any photos.

Email w-mkx.webmaster@noaa.gov


- Time of occurrence
- Location
- Size of Hail

Description Diameter (inches)
Pea 0.25
Marble 0.50
Penny 0.75
Nickel 0.88
Quarter 1.00
Half Dollar 1.25
Walnut or Ping Pong Ball 1.50
Golfball 1.75
Hen's Egg 2.00
Tennis Ball 2.50
Baseball 2.75
Tea Cup 3.00
Grapefruit 4.00
Softball 4.50

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