Did You Have Large Hail on Monday June 6, 2011?

During the morning hours of Monday June 6, 2011, several severe storms moved roughly east/southeast across parts of south-central and southeast Wisconsin.

We received several reports of large hail stones, some on the order of 3 to 4 inches in diameter.  In fact, one hailstone in the Loganville area of Sauk County is at least 4 inches in diameter, and may be as large as 4.25 inches.  It's difficult to tell exactly how big that hailstone was since the camera angle and placement of the hailstone near the measuring stick offer certain challenges.  Below are a couple pictures taken by Mary Myers of Loganville, which were relayed to WMTV-15 in Madison and then forwarded to the Milwaukee/Sullivan NWS office.  Click on images for larger version.

hail picture 1  hail picture 2

Below is a picture from Steve Vorpagel who lives 1.8 miles northeast of downtown Hartford.  He had hailstones of the size of quarters.  Other people in the Hartford area saw hailstones up to 1.75 inch in diameter, or golf-ball size.  A number of vehicles in Hartford received dents from the hailstones.  Click on image for larger version.

Hartford hail stone

We need your help!

We are still looking for additional hail reports associated with the other thunderstorms that affected the "green-shaded" areas shown on the map below.  If you live in those areas can you tell us how big the hailstones were?  Did you have any damage?  We will post some of the better pictures in this story.  If you live outside of the green-shaded areas, we'll take your information as well.  Click on image for larger version.

hail swath locations

You can send your picture and and damage information via e-mail to:  rusty.kapela@noaa.gov

The largest hailstone in Wisconsin was 5.7 inches in diameter on the north side of Wausau on May 22, 1921.

Thanks for sharing!

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