2010-11 Wisconsin Snowfall Map

Below is an automated contour plot of the observed snowfall totals across Wisconsin for the winter season of 2010-11....basically from October, 2010 through May, 2011.

Most of the state had at least normal amounts, and a good part of the southern and central counties had above normal amounts.  The Lake Superior snow belt in Ashland and Iron counties had the greatest amounts - roughly 100 to 167 inches.  These amounts are normal amounts for the snow belt.

Two other areas of the state seemed to be favored areas for repeated snow storms - a corridor stretching from the La Crosse area northeast to the Green Bay-Kewaunee area and from the Twin Cities northeast to the Rhinelander and Eagle River area.  Both corridors had snow totals in the 70 to 94 inch range.

Note - your specific location may have received more or less than the amount shown in the snow map.  Some smoothing was used to produce the snow map.

WI snow map

The above snow map was generated by Brock Burghardt, Student Volunteer.

On our Wisconsin Severe Weather Climatology web page we have an archive of snow maps for previous winters which can be found HERE.

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