MidWest SSTRC Given Public Service Award at 10 am Tue July 19th in Madison

At 10:00 A.M. CDT, Tuesday, July 19, 2011, MidWest SSTRC was presented a Public Service Award from the National Weather Service (NWS) in a brief recognition ceremony in the Witmer Hall in the Military Affairs Building at 2400 Wright St., Madison, WI.  

The news media, members of MidWest SSTRC, and Wisconsin Emergency Management folks attended the ceremony.

MidWest SSTRC is a member of The Sullivan Committee (SulCom - http://www.sulcom.info/ ) which is a working group of volunteer-based organizations that support the Milwaukee/Sullivan NWS Forecast Office. Additionally, it is a tax-exempt organization that has served their community and various local, state, and federal agencies since 1983 by providing the following services:
• Field monitoring of the development of severe storms by highly-trained severe weather spotters that assists the National Weather Service in issuing early warnings that save lives and property;
• Assist the Dane County 911 Communications Center in the collection of and forwarding of severe weather reports to the National Weather Service via amateur radio;
• Respond, as appropriate, to emergency response and rescue requests from government officials;
• Upon request, conduct post-storm damage surveys to assist local, county, state, and federal agencies in determining the nature, scope, and extent of severe weather events;
• Maintain a very educational and resourceful web site (
• Conduct weather-related presentations to a variety of public entities.

The award was co-signed by Rusty Kapela of WFO Milwaukee/Sullivan, and Dave Janda of the Dane County Emergency Management team.  Below is an un-signed image of the award.  Click on picture for larger version.

close up of award

Below is an image of Dale Bernstein, President of MidWest SSTRC, receiving the award, with Dave Janda standing next to Dale. Click on picture for larger version.

Award to Dale Bernstein

Below is a picture of several members of MidWest SSTRC.  From left to right, Lucus Rappert, Mike Condon, Rick Vollbrecht, Dale Bernstein, Lisa Price-Roberts, Dave Janda, Heidi Nava, Rusty Kapela, Tim Shriver, and Dave Willow.  Click on picture for larger version.

MidWest group with award 

The National Weather Service would appreciate extensive news coverage of MidWest SSTRC’s Public Service Award and superb contributions to increase the public's awareness of volunteer groups.

If you have any questions about the ceremony please contact Rusty Kapela, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, National Weather Service at rusty.kapela@noaa.gov, or Dale Bernstein, President of MidWest SSTRC, at dale.bernstein@midwestsstrc.org.

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