A StormReady Supporter Success Story

Staff members of Marquette/Oxford-Camp Freeland Leslie BSA relayed to us a success story concerning their experience with a severe storm during the overnight hours of Tuesday, July 19th.  Here is their report:

Last night the staff at CFL was "StormReady® " and were monitoring the NWS radar and aware of the watches and warnings in place, and when it became apparent that the storm was headed directly for camp, they put their emergency plan into action and about 250 Scouts, Scouters and Staff were moved to a safer place. 

It was over as fast as it happened and all were safe although there was damage to several campsites with tree limbs down and dining flys and tents upset and damaged also.  The Scouts and Scouters and Staff then retired for the remainder of the night.

Plan your work.  Working your plan coupled with the BSA Motto "Be Prepared" just reaped a large dividend for CFL.

Congratulation to those who train and those who put the training into action.

Bill Hollister

Parts of Marquette and Green Lake County experienced severe storms with wind gusts to around 60 mph along with heavy rains between 11:10 pm July 19th and 12:30 am July 20th.  Below is a radar image (11:38 pm) showing the line of severe storms (bow echo) moving through Marquette and Green Lake County.  Click on image for larger version.

severe storms

CFL is lcoated on the Marquette/Adams County line west of Oxford.  They earned their StormReady® Supporter designated on April 27, 2011.

Is your community or business StormReady® ?  Are you prepared for severe storms?

StormReady® , which is administered by the National Weather Service, is a national community preparedness program that uses a grassroots approach to help communities develop plans to handle all types of severe weather.  In general, a community or entity must possess a solid communication network, and provide verification of its multi-hazard emergency operations plan. gives communites Supporter

 Specifically, in order to become StormReady® , the community or entity  must:

 • Establish a 24-hour warning point and emergency operations center;
 • Have multiple methods to receive and disseminate severe weather warnings, and information for their community;
 • Have various methods to monitor weather conditions locally;
 • Promote the importance of public readiness;
 • Develop a formal hazardous weather action plan, including severe weather spotter training and drills.

Communities in Wisconsin that are designated StormReady® include the cities of Lake Mills, Whitewater, Cedarburg, Waupaca, Belleville, Viroqua, Dousman, and Hillsboro, and the counties of Lincoln and Oneida.  Hortonville High School in Outagamie County, Weather Central Inc./My Weather, LLC, in Madison, WI, VCPI in Milwaukee, WI, and the Green Bay Packers are StormReady® Supporters.  Several other Wisconsin cities and/or counties are currently working toward their StormReady® designation.

Information on the  StormReady®  program can be found by clicking here.

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