Pictures of a Jefferson County Storm Friday Evening 8/12/11

A severe weather spotter, who was in northeastern Jefferson County Friday evening, took some interesting pictures of a thunderstorm as it moved west to east north of intersection of STH 18 and CTH F.  Michael Cochenet was 1 mile north of this intersection and took his pictures between 747 pm and 750 pm CDT.

The storm in question is known as a supercell - one that has a rotating updraft.  Note the rounded, curved, striation marks on the side of the updraft tower.  At the bottom was a wall cloud.  Michael couldn't determine if the wall cloud was rotating because the thunderstorm cell was moving at a fairly good clip from west to east.  It probably had some slow rotation - but this is difficult to discern when the storms are moving.  Also - the wall cloud has an interesting appendage that an untrained person might mistakenly call a funnel cloud.  Michael determined that it wasn't a funnel cloud.

storm 1  storm 2

Click on images for larger version.

Below is a radar image of this storm, beginning around 735 pm and runnning until a little before 8 pm CDT. The "X" marks the approximate spot of Mr. Cochenet.

Click on the image for a larger version.

Below are  pictures from different spotters of the same supercell.  Click on images for larger version.

JosephNoble pic  Heather Schulz pic

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