Snow Cover Eroding on Satellite Imagery (Updated 200 PM 2/27)

The low pressure system that passed across southern Wisconsin Thursday and Thursday night deposited a fresh blanket of snow all over southern Wisconsin.  Most of southeast Wisconsin received between 4 and 8 inches of snowfall. 

The two images below were taken today from the satellites AQUA and TERRA, which contain the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) instrument.  MODIS instrument is capable of producing incredible high resolution images at a 250 m spatial resolution.  The images were taken at approximately 11:15 AM CST and 12:55 PM CST on 2/26/2012, respectively.  The two images show that in a span of less than 2 hours a significant portion of the snow field melted.

Click here for the full resolution image.

Click here for the full resolution image.


The last image is a visible image at a more course resolution from the GOES satellite at around 2:45 PM Sunday (2/26/2012) that shows even more of the snowfield melted.


Now, compare the above images to a visible satellite image from this past Saturday morning that shows the fresh snow field across southern Wisconsin from this past disturbance.  Temperatures Saturday afternoon reached the middle 20s to lower 30s in most areas, which started to erode the snow cover in some spots.  The image clearly shows the swath of snow that occurred Thursday and Thursday night over Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and Iowa.

Fresh snow cover over the region






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