Hot Weather Eggsperiment

While the air temperature reached 105 degrees here at the NWS office in Milwaukee/Sullivan Thursday afternoon, the pavement temperature on our freshly blackened parking lot soared to between 120 and 130 degrees. It exceeded the scale on the mercury-in-glass thermometer. Would this be hot enough to fry an egg? Most likely not, but we gave it a try. Here is a picture of the freshly cracked egg at 345 pm, taken during peak heating.

Initial Cracked Egg

Here is a pictureof the mercury-in-glass thermometer exceeding the printed scale:


After 3 hours, with the pavement temperature remaining mostly between 110 and 120 degrees F, here is what the egg looked like:

egg after 3 hours

It was showing a little bit of "whitening" on the edges, but for the most part remained uncooked.  Obviously the pavement temperature was not hot enough.  Next time, we will try some butter and salt, and perhaps a magnifying glass.

NWS Milwaukee/Sullivan

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