Rainfall Totals from Showers & Thunderstorms on 8/16/2012 (Updated 8/17)

Much needed beneficial rains hit all of south central and southeast Wisconsin the morning of August 16th, with almost all areas seeing at least a half inch of rain with many areas seeing more than inch.  This was attributable to a passing cold front that brought periods of showers and thunderstorms to southern Wisconsin overnight and lasted into the mid-morning.  Rain started at around 2:30 AM with showers and thunderstorms eventually tapering off at around 10:30 AM CDT.

The image below shows the 48-hour precipitation analysis from 8 AM August 15th to 8 AM August 17th for southern Wisconsin.

The two sets of images below show the 24-hour precipitation analysis for southern Wisconsin and the entire state from 8 AM to 8 AM ending on August 16th and August 17th.  Click these images to see the enlarged version.  These analyses together essentially capture the entire precipitation event that occurred on August 16th. The first set of analyses capture the bulk of the precipitation that fell that morning, while the second set captures the end of the event (after 8 AM on August 16th). 

8 AM to 8 AM ending on August 16th:


8 AM to 8 AM ending on August 17th:

Data were collected from various sources including utility companies, CO-OP weather observers, and the Badger Ham Radio Weather Net. Note that in these images some smoothing is present due to how the analyses were made.

For a list of 24-hr precipitation amounts used in these analyses, click here.  You can then use the "previous version" button to look at totals collected from the previous 24-hr period.


National Weather Service Milwaukee/Sullivan, WI Weather Forecast Office

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