Sep 15, 2012 Fire in Southeast Montana - Satellite View

During the afternoon hours of September 15, 2012, we noticed a plume of smoke starting in southeast Montana.  There are pine trees in the river valleys and sides of the river bluffs in southeast Montana.  Below and on the left is a MODIS satellite picture (UW- Madison SSEC -CIMSS) of the fire - and there is evidence that a cumulus cloud formed at the top of the smoke plume.  The image on the left is a standard GOES visual image for the Midwest.  The red arrow points to the smoke plume.  The dark area in southwest South Dakota is the pine forest of the Black Hills.  Click on images for larger versions.

 sep 15 2012 MT fire                                               

Kapela/Hentz, WFO Milwaukee/Sulivan

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