September 2012 is National Preparedness Month

What are you doing to prepare yourself for weather-related disasters? 

There is a lot you can do personally and for your family.  Local communities should also consider how they can improve their situation and be ready for the next weather-related disaster.

Here is the official noticePresidential Proclamation

Recent Weather Disasters

In recent years significant weather disasters have occurred in this country.  It's safe to say that better planning and preparedness may have led to fewer numbers of fatalities and injuries.  Below is a partial listing:

1) Indiana State Fair - a stage collapsed on August 13, 2011 during a severe thunderstorm.  Seven people were killed and 58 were injured.

2) Joplin EF5 tornado - May 22, 2011 - major damage in the city.  158 direct fatalities and 3 indirect fatalities, 1150 injured, and $2.8 Billion damage.

3) April 25-28, 2011 Tornado Outbreak - 358 tornadoes in 21 states, 324 fatalities, $11 Billion in damage.

Here's What You And Your Community Can Do:

1) Understand what weather hazards exist in your local area and what they can do.

2) Have multiple means of acquiring weather warnings from the National Weather Service.

3) Have an emergency plan and practice it!

4) Have an emergency disaster kit - enough provisions for 3 days

4) Identify the safest place to go when severe weather approaches.

5) Communities or large venues may wish to consider installation or identification of a sturdy public shelter.


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