GOES-14 Becomes the GOES East Satellite after GOES-13 Went Down on 9/23

On Sunday (Sep. 23), GOES-13 (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-13) automatically shut down due to a hardware issue.  Another satellite, known as GOES-14, took over its responsibility on September 24th because of this problem.  GOES-14 had been in a testing mode prior to this for the last few weeks and was participating in routine maneuvers and several experiments in regard to the upcoming next generation GOES-R satellite. Per the NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory: "GOES-14 will remain the primary GOES satellite over the Atlantic basin and Continental U.S. until the imager and sounder data issues on GOES-13 can be fully diagnosed and hopefully fixed."  As of this time, there is no estimate on when GOES-13 will return to operations.  Additional information on GOES-14 becoming GOES East can be seen here.  Below is the daily GOES East Full Disk image (i.e., the entire hemisphere of the Earth).

GOES East takes images of the Continental United States every 15 minutes, the Northern Hemisphere every 30 minutes and of the entire Western Hemisphere every three hours. 

The latest GOES images (IR, visibile, and water vapor) can be seen here.



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