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Snowfall and snow cover information on national, regional and local scales are only a few clicks away. 

After accessing the National Weather Service Milwaukee/Sullivan webpage, click on either the snow cover or snowfall analysis links in the Current Conditions section of the left-hand navigation menu as depicted in the below graphic. 

NWS MKX frontpage of website 

The snowfall analysis is available through 7 am for the previous 24, 48 or 72 hours.  The below image depicts the national 24 hour snowfall valid at 7 am 29 November.  Click on the image to go directly to the snowfall analysis website. 

national snowfall analysis

This page also allows you to zoom in on a regional, state and local level as illustrated below.  The below images are from 29 November.  The regional view shows areas of snow across parts of Upper Michigan.  The state view shows an area of snowfall that had occurred the previous 24 hours downwind of Lake Erie in upstate New York. 

Click on below images for larger view
regional snowfall analysis state snowfall analysis

This last local analysis image depicts 24 hour snowfall ending at 7 am CST 30 November across far northern New York State and northern Vermont.  Click on the image for a larger view.

 local snowfall analysis

Clicking on the snowcover link in the navigation menu of our web site takes you to the National Snow Analysis page of the National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center (NOHRSC).  Abundant information on the present and historical snowcover is available on a national, regional and local level.  Useful information available includes snow cover, water equivalent of snow cover and change in the water equivalent of snow.

Use the Interactive Snow Information page to add hydrologic and political features to your snow cover depiction.  Below are several images from 29 November depicting snow depth around 10 am CST.    

Click on below images for larger view
 snowcover analysis  regional snow cover

Shortly after a snowfall event across southern Wisconsin, local snowfall and snow depth maps are generated and available on our website (www.weather.gov/mkx)  as well.  Scroll down on the main page of our website to just below the Daily Summaries/Current Conditions/Forecast Weather table. 

location on our website to find local snow graphics

Click on the snowfall or snow depth links to take a look at a 24 hour plot of snowfall ending at 7 am CST that morning from across southern Wisconsin.  Below is an sample 24 hour snowfall graphic valid at 7 am CST 21 January 2012.

sample snowfall graphic for southern WI

Here is a discussion on finding more detailed snowfall information after a winter storm snowfall event for southern Wisconsin on our website.

National Weather Service - Milwaukee/Sullivan

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