Accumulating Snow Today/Tonight in Southern Wisconsin (Updated 830 pm 12/28)

A slow-moving low pressure trough continues to produce light snow/scattered flurries in portions of south central and southeast Wisconsin this evening and should continue to do so overnight. Steadier accumulations will be limited to Green Lake, Fond du Lac, and Sheboygan counties, while elsewhere scattered light snow showers to flurries will be present with only minor accumulations.


Below is a preliminary analysis of snowfall storm totals across south central and southeast Wisconsin through 8 PM CST. The analysis is derived from local storm reports and a local model analysis snowfall field.



Check our Winter Weather Page for more information.



Lake-enduced Meso-vortex

Between 2 and 3 am, a lake-enduced meso-vortex moved inland toward the northwest through Kenosha County.  This vortex was identified on the Milwaukee Terminal Doppler Radar as a "curl" of reflectivity. Snow accumulations of around 1/2 inch were probably associated with this vortex.


Prior to the arrival of the vortex - at the Kenosha lakeshore the wind was out of the east-southeast gusting to 19 knots (21 mph) and the air temperature was 34 degrees (at 212 am CST).  After the vortex moved inalnd the winds came out of the southwest with a brief gust to 24 knots (26 mph) and the temperature dropped to 30 degrees (at 254 am CST).  This data came from the automated marine observation unit in the Kenosha Harbor.



Below on the left is the 212 am CST radar image and on the right in the 254 am CST image.  Note the "curl" that reflects the tight cyclonic circuation associated with the meso-vortex.  Click on images for larger version.


212 am radar image  254 am radar image

National Weather Service - Milwaukee/Sullivan

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