Wisconsin County Severe Weather Statistics 1982-2012

At the end of each calendar year we update a variety of maps which contain basic bean-counts of severe weather events in each Wisconsin county.  All of this information is stored on our Wisconsin Summer/Winter Severe Weather Climatology web page.  This web page link is found on our  SkyWarn page in the Wisconsin's Significant Weather Event section.  Our SkyWarn web page link is found in the Weather Safety section in the far left-side column on our main web page.

Keep in mind - the basic county bean-counts are biased toward county population and county size.  The count is was it is.  Additionally, the bean-counts are partially influenced by the number of weather-related articles or stories in the print and broadcast media.  This is especially true with  the lightning map.  Many of the bean-count maps start with 1982 which is the first year the National Weather Service systematically rated all documented tornadoes on a scale of 0 to 5 (Fujita-Scale).

The last image in the 2nd row shows Wisconsin's tornado bean-count by county for the period of 1844-2012.  Tornado documentation prior to 1950 wasn't as thorough and detailed as it is today.  In the 1800s and early 1900s....unless a tornado went right down Main Street in broad daylight it probably was never documented.  This is especially true for weak tornadoes.  Additionally, organized severe weather spotter activity didn't exist until the 1950s.  Therefore, the bean-count back to 1844 is heavily biased toward county population and county size.  For example, let's combine the bean-counts for Green Lake and Marquette Counties in the 1844-2012 map - we get 65.  Geographically, our combined county is still smaller than Dane, Grant, or Marathon.  See where we're going with this discussion?

Below is a small sampling of what can be found on our severe weather climatology page:

 tor map  tstm wind map  hail map  flood map

All Svr Wx map  lightning map    WI heat events  Wi tor 1844-2012 

Kapela, WFO Milwaukee/Sullivan (maps updated by Ashley Vedvig, Sturdent Volunteer)

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