Snowfall So Far This Season

So far this meteorological winter (December-February) Milwaukee has had considerably less snow than Madison. As of February 10th, Milwaukee had reported 21.5 inches of snow and Madison had reported 43.2 inches. That's 7.4 inches below normal in Milwaukee and 12.8 inches above normal in Madison. Through February 10th, this is Madison's 9th snowiest winter on record! At this time last year Milwaukee had reported 17.3 inches of snow and Madison, 16.9 inches. Records go back to the late 19th century.

Also worth noting, Madison recently tied the record for the most consecutive days with measurable snowfall (at least 0.1 inches). The 9 day streak stretched from January 30th through February 7th.

Based on data from 1981-2010, Milwaukee's normal snowfall for the December through February time period is 35.1 inches. The normal yearly total is 46.9 inches. Madison's normal snowfall for the meteorological winter is 37.0 inches and the normal yearly total is 50.9 inches. The normal snowfall values are shown below with the 2012-2013 observed values, starting with July 2012.

 Milwaukee Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Year
1981-2010 Norm 0.0" 0.0" 0.0" 0.3" 2.4" 10.6" 14.7" 9.8" 7.0" 2.0" 0.1" 0.0" 46.9"
2012-2013 0.0" 0.0" 0.0" 0.0" 0.0" 6.9" 4.5" 10.1"         21.5"

Madison Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Year
1981-2010 Norm 0.0" 0.0" 0.0" 0.5" 3.6" 13.5" 12.9" 10.6" 7.0" 2.6" 0.2" 0.0" 50.9"
2012-2013 0.0" 0.0" 0.0" 0.0" 0.1" 23.4" 8.9" 10.9"         43.3"

A portion of the difference in snowfall totals this season in Milwaukee and Madison can be attributed to the system that moved through the area on December 19th and 20th. Warm air prevented precipitation from changing over to snow in Milwaukee until late in the afternoon on the 20th. As such, Madison's storm total snowfall was 15.2 inches and Milwaukee's was only 3.0 inches. Milwaukee did receive plenty of precipitation though, the liquid total for the event in Milwaukee was 2.35 inches and the liquid total in Madison was only 1.33 inches. The image below shows the snowfall totals for the December 19th and 20th event.

December 19th and 20th Snowfall

The graph below shows the daily snowfall amounts for Milwaukee and Madison since December 1, 2012. Notice that Madison has consistently had higher daily snowfall totals than Milwaukee, with the exception of a few dates. Click the graph for a larger version.

Daily snowfall amounts at Milwaukee and Madison

The next graph shows the seasonal snowfall in Milwaukee and Madison over the past 50 years. Click the graph for a larger version.

Snowfall over the last 50 years



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