Ice Growth in Lake Michigan over the Weekend

 Ice Growth in Lake Michigan over the Weekend

High pressure over the western Great Lakes over this past weekend resulted in enough clearing for some excellent high resolution MODIS visible satellite images of the ice cover over the western Great Lakes. 

The image below left clearly shows Green Bay covered in ice and snow all the way to Washington Island and beyond.  The ice cover breaks up a bit northwest of Washington Island toward Escanaba in Upper Michigan. 

Click on the lower right image for an image of the ice cover over the northwest and northern portions of Lake Superior.  Most of Lake Superior remains free of ice.  The cold air flowing over the relatively warmer waters of the lake was producing snow showers over the open waters of the lake extending into the western part of Upper Michigan.  

Click for larger view
Green Bay Ice Lake Superior Ice
Lake Michigan Ice off southeast Wisconsin  

Farther south, little if any ice was located in the nearshore waters of Lake Michigan off southeast Wisconsin on Saturday as depicted by the above left image.  However, take a look at the below animation showing the increase in ice area over the nearshore waters over the western shore of Lake Michigan from Saturday and Sunday due to the lighter winds and cold temperatures.

Ice animation

Below is a closeup of the nearshore waters of Lake Michigan from Manitowoc south to the Illinois border.  Notice the clear increase in ice thickness and coverage in the nearshore waters, especially around Wind Point and south.

Click for a larger view. 

Ice growth on February 17th 

The warmer temperatures expected on Monday along with another period of brisk winds will likely thin and breakup the ice over the next several days.

National Weather Service - Milwaukee/Sullivan

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