Early April 2013 vs 2012...A Satellite Perspective

More punishing comparisons to the Spring of 2012!

Here is another satellite comparison of the difference between the state of our terrain in early April 2012 and 2013.  The two image loop below shows the stark difference.  The one with the snow is April 2, 2013, the other is April 6, 2012.  Last year, we already had green-up occurring way up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Note the subtle green colors in the forested regions throughout the area. You can even see a small smoke plume from a wildfire just west of Pentenwell and Castle Rock Lakes, east of La Crosse.  All the lakes were free of ice.  This year, snow stretches into far southern Wisconsin and most lakes north of Chicago are still covered in ice.  Booo. 

This imagery is captured by the good folks over at the Space Science and Engineering Center at UW-Madison.  This is MODIS imagery and it can be found here:



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