Weather Reports Needed From Severe Weather Spotters

Natonal Weather Service (NWS) provides severe weather spotter training to thousands of spotters across the country each spring seson.  EVen people who don't want to be a spotter can attend spotter classes.

The main purpose of having severe weather spotter classes is to have spotters relay severe weather reports to their local NWS office.  Reports are communicated via telephone, amateur radio, E-spotter, Facebook and Twitter.

Historically, reports were limited to tornadoes, funnel clouds, rotating wall clouds, thunderstorm wind damage, large hail and flash flooding.  However, during the past 10 years or so the scope of reports has expanded to possibly include any type of adverse weather which impacts society.  This would include poor visibilities in dense fog, freezing rain icing road surfaces, broken tree branches or power lines due to icing or strong winds, blowing dust/dirt reducing visibilities, blowing & driifting snow, snowfall, snow depths, height of snow drifts, and  road closures.

The Milwaukee/Sullivan National Weather Service office would appreciate weather reports whenever the observed weather impacts society....year-round.  We have trained thousands of spotters over the year and feel there should be more reports generated by spotters.  If you notice vegetative or structural damage in your neighborhood when you wake up in the mornng (or have icy roads, or very poor visibilities, etc.) please realy that information to the National Weather Service.  Dont' assume we know it happened.

We prefer trained spotters utilize our E-spotter program to relay reports, followed by telephone calls, Facebook or Twitter.  However, if the amateur radio network is up and running, hams will use their radios to relay their reports.  Additional instructions will be forthcoming for hams during the next couple weeks.

Thanks for your continued support!, @rkapelawx, WFO Milwaukee/Sullivan,

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