April 29 - May 3rd is National Air Quality Awareness Week

How knowledgeable are you concerning air quality issues?

Please do what you can to improve our air quality.

A wealth of information concerning air quality can be found at the following web sites.

www.airquality.noaa.gov (AQAW)
http://airquality.weather.gov (digital AQ forecast guidance)
http://cfpub.epa.gov/airnow/index.cfm?action=airnow.main (Great collaborative AQ web portal hosted by EPA & NWS)
www.epa.gov/airnow/airaware/resources.html  (.pdfs of posters)
www.airnow.gov/index.cfm?action=aqifor.weathercast  (Educational toolkit for weather forecasters)
www.epa.gov/airnow/airaware/local.html  (known state and local AQ week activities)

Wisconsin DNR Air Quality Outlook

Environmental Protection Agency

Kapela, WFO Milwaukee

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