Milwaukee/Sullivan Radar Back In Service

The NWS Milwaukee/Sullivan radar is back in service. Technicians replaced a few panels that were delaminating on the radome (the white ball around the radar) and scrubbed and painted it.  The panels were replaced to prevent the intrusion of water into the dome and subsequent failure of sensitive electronic components.

The NWS Milwaukee/Sullivan Radar Tower - click on the images for a larger view: 

MKX radar tower

radar tower steps

MKX radar dish

The radar tower is about 120 feet from the ground to the top of the radome

 It is about a 90 foot climb to get inside the radome

The 28-foot diameter radar dish is balanced on a pedestal inside radome

radar panels

remove panel 1

remove panel 2

 The replacement panels

Removing the panels to be replaced 

 Removing the panel

inside radar - scaffolding

view of MKX office from radar

Washing the radome

Using scaffolding to access the panels being removed 

 View of our office from the radome

 Washing the radome

Washing the radome Maintenance completed
A zoomed out view of a technician washing the radome Almost finished The finished product




































NWS Milwaukee/Sullivan 

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