EF1 Tornado in Columbia County June 22, 2013 (updated 6/28)

Two severe weather spotters reported a rain-wrapped tornado Saturday evening northeast of Arlington in Columbia County.  Details are below.

The damage survey was conducted on Monday June 24th, on behalf of the NWS, by a representative of the MidWest Severe Storm Tracking & Response Center (SSTRC).  MidWest SSTRC is based in Monona, WI. 

Preliminary Quick Facts:


2.2NE Arlington to 4.0E Poynette in Columbia County


June 22 2013

Estimated Time

855 pm to 902 pm CDT

Maximum EF-Scale Rating


Estimated Maximum Wind Speed

90-95 mph

Maximum Path Width

125 yards (average 50 yards)

Path Length

3.7 miles

Beginning Lat/Lon

43.35870N / -89.35232W

Ending Lat/Lon

43.3990N / -89.32014W





The information in the table above is preliminary and subject to change pending final review of the event(s) and publication in NWS Storm Data.


A weak rain-wrapped tornado spun up 2.17 miles north-northeast of Arlington northwest of the intersection of Krier Road and Thiele Road and moved northeast for about 3.7 miles before dissipating midway between King Road and Mud Lake just southwest of Mud Lake.  The ending location would be 4 miles east of Poynette.  This tornado crossed STH 22 at the intersection of Loveland Road and then curved more north-northeast after it tracked about 300 yards just east of the intersection of STH 22 and CTH CS.

Several outbuildings were damaged and a 3000 lb farm implement was tossed about 500 feet.  Due to wet soils, two power-poles were partially tipped over.  A couple vehicles were damaged and other farm equipment scattered around. One home sustained minor siding and roof shingle damage.  Otherwise, the usual tree damage occurred and a couple trees were uprooted.  The corn crop was only a few inches in height but some stalks were broken off at ground level.

Tree damage was consistent with DI 27 Hardwood Trees (TH) and DOD3 which suggests wind speeds of 90 to 95 mph.  The path length was about 3.7 miles and maximum width was 125 yards.  The average width was about 50 yards.

Below is a plot of the tornado path, showing where it was at EF0 strength (red line), and EF1 strength (wider/shaded red area). Letters A through D signify locations where damage pictures were taken by Dale Bernstiend of MidWest SSTRC.  Click on images for larger versions.

Arllington WI tornado path  Locattion A  Point B

Location C  Location D

As of Friday June 28, 2013, the preliminary 2013 tornado count in Wisconsin is two.

The fewest number of tornadoes in Wisconsin through the end of June is one, back in 1951,1952, and 1961.  Information prior to 1950 was not considered since tornado documentaiton prior to 1950 was incomplete.

If Wisconsin ends up with only 2 documented tornadoes through the end of June, then 2013 will be tied with these other years for the second fewest number of tornadoes through June: 1963, 1995, 1999, and 2012. 

On average, by the end of June, Wisconsin has had about 12 tornadoes.  Wisconsin averages 23 tornadoes per year.  Below is the breakdown, by month, of the average number of tornadoes in Wisconsin.

Average 1981-2010 (Official)                
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
0.1 0.0 0.2 1.2 3.4 7.5 5.6 3.1 1.8 0.3 0.1 0.0 23.1

Kapela, WFO Milwaukee

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