June 2013 Precipiation & First Half of Year Wrap-Up

June 2013 Recap

It was very wet across much of southern Wisconsin this past month. June 2013 was the second wettest June on record in Madison. In contrast, June 2012 was the driest on record with less than an inch. Milwaukee's June precipitation was also above average and was the 19th wettest June on record. 

  June 2013 June 2013 Departure From Normal June 2012
Milwaukee 5.80" 1.90" 0.90"
Madison 10.86"
6.32" 0.31"


Rank  June Rainfall  Year
1 10.93"
2  10.86" 2013
3 9.95" 1978
4 9.69" 1996
5 8.63" 2000

The map below on the left shows the percent of normal precipitation across the forecast area this June and the map on the right shows the percent of normal precipitation across the forecast area in June 2012. Click each image for a larger version.

June 2013 Percent of Normal Precipitation June 2012 Percent of Normal Precipitation

On June 26th, Madison picked up 3.19 inches of rain, which is a record for that calendar day. June 21-26 was a very wet week across south-central Wisconsin. More details are here and here. Rankings for 1, 2, and 6 day rainfall amounts are shown in the table below.

# of Days Cumulative Rainfall Ending June 26
June Ranking Overall Ranking
1 3.19" 7 18
2 4.11" 7 15
7.17" 5 11

The maps below show a detailed look at the precipitation we received during the last 14 and 30 days, respectively, ending on July 1st.  Some rounding off and smoothing is used to produce the images.  Click on each image for a larger version.

14 day precipitation 30 day precipitation

Temperatures for the month was close to average, coming in at 0.7 degrees above average in Madison and 1.1 degrees below normal in Milwaukee.


The maps below show from left to right, top to bottom: the average temperature this June, the departure from the normal average temperature, the total accumulated precipitation, and the percent of normal accumulated precipitation. Click each image for a larger version.  

June 2013 Average Temperature June 2013 Average Temperature Departure From Normal
June 2013 Precipitation Total

June 2013 Precipitation Percent of Normal


Click below for the:

Milwaukee Monthly Climate Summary

Madison Monthly Climate Summary

First Half of 2013 Recap (Jan 1 - Jun 30)

The first half of 2013 was the wettest on record in Madison by 3.10 inches. It was the third wettest on record in Milwaukee. For additional information on the year to date precipitation through June 26th is here.  We are getting close to the annual average of rainfall and we are only half way through the year. The annual average precipitation for 34.42" for Madison and 34.73" for Milwaukee.

   Milwaukee   Madison  
Rank  Rainfall  Year Rainfall Year
1 29.44"
30.95" 2013
2 28.11" 2008
27.85" 2008
3 25.31" 2013 25.85" 1880



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