Info: Damage Surveys From Storms On Sun, Nov 17, 2013

A major severe weather outbreak occurred on Sunday, November 17, 2013 across the Ohio Valley north into the Great Lakes region.  The worst of the storm damage occurred south of Wisconsin with many cities and towns completely devastated by tornado damage.  The image below left shows the storm reports received for the day while the image on the right is the severe weather outlook that was in effect Sunday morning (note the High Risk area over Illinois and Indiana):

Local Storm Reports

Severe Weather Outlook

Here is a summary of what our survey crew found in Wisconsin.  The worst damage appears to have been limited to eastern Dodge and northwest Washington counties.  Tornado warnings were issued for portions of Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Waukesha and Walworth counties Sunday morning, but no tornadoes touched down.  Damage in those areas was primarily limited to trees and power lines.

The damage depicted below was determined to be from straight line winds, not a tornado.  This was evident in the nature of the damage, most occurring in a uniform direction with limited or no twisting/swirling evidence.

There were three main areas surveyed on Monday. Here is a larger map showing where they were:

The first was one mile east of Hustiford in Dodge county.  

Time of the event was 10:05 AM.  A severe thunderstorm warning was in effect from 9:39-1030 AM.   Winds were estimated at 100 mph causing an equipment building to collapse.   A wooden power pole was snapped in half.  Shingles were blown off of home and about 12 trees were blown down (all in the same direction) just upstream of the damaged home. See image below of damaged building:


The second location was near Allenton in far western Washington county:

Time of the event was 10:21 AM.  A severe thunderstorm warning was in effect from 10:03-10:30 AM.  Winds were estimated at 100 mph. A 10 by 20 foot section of roof decking was torn off of a house.  A 20 by 20 foot section of shingles was torn off of another house, along with chimney damage.  Eighteen healthy trees in a one mile stretch were blown down in same direction.  All in the area of Highway 41 and 33.


Roof Damage


Healthy Pine Tree Knocked Down

Church Sign Knocked down 

The third location was in far northern Washington County, about 2 miles west of Boltonville:

Time of event was 1028 AM.  A severe thunderstorm warning was in effect from 10:03 - 10:30 AM  and reissued at 10:30 AM to extend until 11:15 AM.  Winds were estimated at 100 mph. Major damage occurred at a farm where a silo collapsed on a barn, killing 12 cattle.  Also, 40-50 healthy trees were knocked down in a 1 mile path. 


Silo Collapse


Healthy Trees Knocked Down

Healthy Trees Knocked Down










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