Historical Perspective of December and January Temperatures

The following set of charts are the average Max, Min and Mean

temperatures for [December & January] Combined, for the

Twin Cities, and St Cloud MN, and Eau Claire WI.

Follow along and check and compare the current 2014 temps to the full record.

Above are the Twin Cities average Max, next the Average Min.


And finally the Mean temp for the last 2 months.

NOTE: The cold temperatures do not get into the top 10 coldest.

The next charts are for St Cloud, in central Minnesota.

The period of record is 20 years shorter than the Twin Cities.

This will make a difference for making the top 10 coldest list.

Now the 2 month average lows.


Note that 2009 was colder than this current period.

Now the last 2 months of Eau Claire Wisconsin, which has a

similar period of record to St Cloud.

Both the Eau Claire and St Cloud temperature records are in the top 10 coldest [Dec & Jan] combined.

Like St Cloud, the Minimum in 2009 was colder than the 2014.

Eau Claire ends with a tie for the 7th coldest December January Combined.

 Be sure to look at the local Climate section the website and find the Monthly Climate Report abbreviated CLM.




We just finished the January 2014 Climate Report for Minneapolis, St Cloud,

and Eau Claire and Published these data on the MPX web page.

Select Monthly Weather Summary (CLM)
Then select the station [Minneapolis/St Paul, St Cloud, or Eau Claire]
Then click GO


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