Climate Summaries for January

 The January of 2014 weather pattern, like the previous month, was dominated by a persistent upper level ridge near the west coast, with persistent troughing across eastern Canada into the Great Lakes.  This weather pattern meant that MN and WI was under the influence of northwest flow aloft for much of the month, which meant two things, plenty of cold air and snowfall from clippers. 

Like December 2013, the average temperature for January 2014 was 5 to 10 degrees below normal across the region.  Beside the average temperature being cold, all 3 climate locations had at least 20 days where the minimum temperature dipped below zero and had at least 4 days where the high failed to get back above zero.  For the Twin Cities, this was the first time since 1982 that a January featured at least 20 sub-zero lows.  The 22 below zero lows was the most for St. Cloud since 1996 and the 21 at Eau Claire was the most since 2009.

 Snowfalls, like December, were frequent, though since most were of the clipper type, we endured a large number of 1-3 inch snows.  The largest snowstorm of the month, which occurred on the morning of the 31st, was the only snow we saw that did not originate in northwest Canada.  This system came out of the northern Pacific and had more moisture to work with, allowing MSP to have its largest single snowfall this winter at 6.4 inches.  For days with measureable snowfall (at least a tenth of an inch) in January MSP came in with 13 days, STC 12 days, and EAU had 14.

Monthly Climate Summaries:   Minneapolis   St. Cloud   Eau Claire   Chanhassen

Temperature Minneapolis
St. Cloud
Eau Claire



Average Temperature

Departure From Normal


Departure From Normal


Departure From Normal

Eau Claire, WI



1.58 in.

+0.69 in.

24.8 in.

+11.6 in.

Twin Cities



1.42 in.

+0.52 in.

22.7 in.

+10.5 in.

St. Cloud, MN



1.34 in.

+0.69 in.

16.8 in.

+8.2 in.

 These average temperatures for January of 2014 were about 10 degrees colder than what was seen in January of 2013.

Number of Days with Sub-zero Lows


Nov 2013 - 
Jan 2014

Average Annual 
Number (1981-2010) 

Record Number
(entire winter)

Twin Cities



60 (1874-75)

St. Cloud, MN



68 (1964-65)

Eau Claire, WI



60 (1977-78)

Periods of record:
MSP back to 1873, STC back to 1894, EAU back to 1950


January 2014 Departures from Normal



January Temperature Departure

January Precipitation Departure

January 2014 Snowfall Summary

Observed Snowfall

Percent of Normal Snowfall

Observed January 2014 Snowfall

January 2014 Percent of Normal Snowfall

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