Climate Summaries for January


January of 2013 was the tale of two halves in terms of temperatures.  Outside of a couple of colder days, the first 19 days of the month were quite mild, with 1 day hitting 40 in St. Cloud, 2 doing so in the Twin Cities, and 4 days topping 40 at Eau Claire.  Then, with the flip of a switch, temperatures went the other direction for the 20th through the 31st.  In this stretch, MSP ended a slightly longer than 4 year stretch of not seeing any days with a subzero high, when the warmest it got to on the 21st was 2 below.  In the end, the slightly longer stretch of above normal days resulted in January finishing slightly above normal for temperatures across the area.

For precipitation, we saw plenty of days with snow (16 days with a report of falling snow at MSP), but much of these snows were very light and did not amount to much.  Instead, most of the precipitation that fell at MSP and Eau Claire did so during the warm stretches, with much of that falling as rare January rain.  Due to the higher proportion of rain that fell across eastern MN into western WI, these areas wound up seeing near to above normal precipitation, but below snowfall.  For southern, western, and central MN, it was another month for below normal precipitation.  In particular what was missing in these areas was snow for the month, with most locations in southern, central, and western MN receiving less than 3 inches of snow it what is typically one of the snowier months of the year!

Monthly Climate Summaries:   Minneapolis   St. Cloud   Eau Claire   Chanhassen

Temperature Minneapolis
St. Cloud
Eau Claire



Average Temperature

Departure From Normal


Departure From Normal


Departure From Normal

Eau Claire, WI



1.08 in.

+0.19 in.

5.3 in.

-7.9 in.

Twin Cities



0.86 in.

-0.04 in.

4.6 in.

-7.6 in.

St. Cloud, MN



0.45 in.

-0.20 in.

2.5 in.

-6.1 in.


January 2013 Departures from Normal



January Temperature Departure

January Precipitation Departure

January 2013 Snowfall Summary

Observed Snowfall

Percent of Normal Snowfall

Observed January 2013 Snowfall

January 2013 Percent of Normal Snowfall

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