February 2013 Climate Summaries

February of 2013 ended up being a rarity for what has been observed across Minnesota and Wisconsin the past 18 months, a month that was both below normal for the temperature and above normal for precipitation.  On average, February is the driest month of the year, with all three sites averaging less than an inch of liquid for the entire month, but this February a high number of events (both snow and rain for the Twin Cities and Eau Claire) resulted in all three locations receiving more than an inch of liquid.  For snow, even though the event on the 10th brought mainly rain to the Twin Cities and Eau Claire, all three locations saw more than 15 inches of snow on a month that usually sees less than 10. For a summary of the entire 2012-2013 winter (December through February), see this related story; 2012-13 winter climate summary.

Monthly Climate Summaries:   Minneapolis   St. Cloud   Eau Claire   Chanhassen

Temperature Minneapolis
St. Cloud
Eau Claire



Average Temperature

Departure From Normal


Departure From Normal


Departure From Normal

Eau Claire, WI



1.49 in.

+0.68 in.

15.4 in.

+8.1 in.

Twin Cities



1.33 in.

+0.56 in.

15.1 in.

+7.4 in.

St. Cloud, MN



1.33 in.

+0.74 in.

16.8 in.

+9.8 in.


February 2013 Departures from Normal



February Temperature Departure

February Precipitation Departure

February 2013 Snowfall Summary

Observed Snowfall

Percent of Normal Snowfall

Observed February 2013 Snowfall

February 2013 Percent of Normal Snowfall

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