Introducing the Enhanced Hazardous Weather Outlook

Understanding the anticipated risk of weather hazards is important to making daily plans as well as carrying out preparedness activities prior to a hazardous weather event. The Enhanced Hazardous Weather Outlook (EHWO) depicts the risk of potential weather hazards through day 7 utilizing text, alert buttons and graphics. The EHWO should be utilized as a preparedness tool prior for hazardous weather events and a means of monitoring the severity and coverage during a hazardous weather event.

The Enhanced Hazardous Weather Outlook (EHWO) provides:

  • Hazardous Weather Buttons conveying risk levels for a given day
  • Spotter Outlook Graphic that portrays the need for spotter activation
  • Link to briefing pages that provide additional products and information for a given weather hazard
  • Risk Legend section that defines the risk levels 
  • Safety and Education that provides safety and preparedness information for a given weather hazard.

The EWHO integrates the text of the Hazardous Weather Outlook with the graphical representation of expected hazards. The graphical buttons depict the threat level for a given day. The button display provides a quick overview of potential hazard risk levels through day 7. More specific information about expected hazards can be obtained by clicking on the buttons. Additional links to radar, briefings pages, etc, are provided to compliment the hazards graphics.

As many of you may have already noticed, there is now a new section on our website that displays the risk levels for the next 7 days. You can see an example of this section in the image below, which is surrounded by a red box. 

EHWO on Main Page

Clicking on any of the buttons in the image above will bring up the EHWO webpage, where you can find further details on potential Hazards across Upper Michigan. Each colored button on the EHWO page will pull up the image related to the Hazard. The screenshot below highlights a few of the important features:

EHWO Webpage

  1. The time when the EHWO was last updated. 
  2. Graphic of the Hazard button that was clicked on. 
  3. Risk Level Legend
  4. Day 1 (Today/Tonight) - Risk levels 
  5. Day 2 through Day 7 - Risk levels 
  6. Description of the Risk Levels for each individual element.

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