Lack of Subzero Days this Winter Sets Record

With the warm Winter of 2011-2012 winding down, here a few interesting statistics on subzero days recorded at the Marquette National Weather Service office located in Negaunee Township. For these statistics, the time period considered as "winter" is November through April since those are the months when subzero days can occur. The average number of subzero days is 30.



November through April

Number of subzero days








2001-2002, 1982-1983



2009-2010, 2005-2006, 1986-1987





If no additional subzero days occur over the next few weeks, this "winter" will go into the record books as having the least number of subzero days. With the unseasonably warm pattern that has setup and that may persist through the end of March, it's doubtful that another subzero day will occur. The latest into Spring that a subzero day has occurred is April 10th. The record low for that day is -3F, which occurred in 2007.

In addition to the lack of subzero days, the lowest temperature observed during the "winter" of 2011-2012 was only
-12F. This ties the "winters" of 2001-2002 and 1994-1995 as having the warmest lowest temperature observed during "winter".

And finally, here's a note on the overall warmth that we have experienced since November 1, 2011. The average temperature through March 14th was 25.2F. This is the second warmest November 1st through March 14th period on record. The warmest was November 1, 2001 to March 14th, 2002 which had an average temperature of 25.8F.

Weather records for the National Weather Service office located in Negaunee Township date back to 1961.

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