Heat Wave 2012

Heat Wave 2012 Stats

Although it feels chilly now...we're still quite a bit above normal! The normal high temperature for today is 37 F...and the record is 59F (set in 1968 and again in 1993). The forecast high for today is around 42 F (reached this morning)...so we're about 5 F above normal even with the colder temepratures! Here are some fun statistics and graphs about the "heat wave" of March 2012...Enjoy!

Annual Precipitation and Temperature Graph (YTD). This is through 3/22/2012.


Annual Temperature and Precipitation Graph from 2011.


Observed Versus Record Temperatures



Note all of the lows from the 18th were higher than 45! This is more typical of July's normals!

 Random Stats:


*Most consecutive days in a row with Temperatures>/=70F from March 1 through April 1:

     1. 5 Consecutive Days: Starting 3-17-2012: Average Temperature: 78F

     2. 1 Day: 3-31-2010: Average Temp: 70F

     3. 1 Day 3-8-2000: Average Temp: 71F


*Most Consecutive days in a row with Temperatures>/= 70F from March 1 through April 30:

    1. 7 consecutive days: Starting 4-22-1990: Average Temp: 81.1 F

    2. 5 consecutive days: Starting 3-18-2012: Average Temp: 78 F

    3. 4 consecutive days: Starting 4-17-1987: Average Temp: 77.5 F

                                           Starting 4-20-1985: Average Temp: 79.3 F

                                           Starting 4-27-1970: Average Temp: 74 F


*The only March >/= 80F on Record!

Prior to March 21, 2012, no other year had anything above 75 degrees in the month of March. The previous record was set on March 8, 2000 where the high temperature recorded was 71. This record now holds the number 6 spot, behind this week!


*Largest Departures from Average:

-This week we have been consistently 35-45 degrees above average! With the passage of the cold front on Thursday 3/22 temperatures are now only approximately 20 degrees above normal.

Nighttime Lows

-There has never been a low above 44 F in the month of March until March 18-22nd 2012! Every night was in the upper 40s and 50s.

-Only 11 recorded lows above the 30s before this year (for March). This year we had 5!


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