July 9th, 2012 Menominee County Severe Storm Damage

A severe thunderstorm moved through Menominee Monday afternoon, July 9th.   The thunderstorm produced small hail over western Menominee County before moving southward towards the city of Menominee.  As the thunderstorm approached the Menominee River around 3:25 PM CDT, it produced a microburst or very localized damaging straight line winds just west of downtown Menominee.  The hardest hit areas were the Riverside Cemetery and Riverside Golf Club where numerous large trees were uprooted and large limbs were snapped. 

While the National Weather Service in Marquette did not conduct an actual ground survey of the damage, we used information collected from Menominee County Emergency Management and  WLUK FOX 11 meteorologist, Phil DeCastro who did assess the damage.  In addition, eyewitness accounts from near the cemetery and golf course were used to develop a map showing the general area where wind damage occurred.  After reviewing pictures of the damage it was obvious the hardest hit area was the cemetery.  This is where the winds were estimated to be as strong as 80 mph.  Surrounding this area, the tree damage was more sporadic and winds were estimated to be around 60 mph.



This radar loop from NWS Green Bay’s Doppler Radar shows the severe thunderstorm moving southward over the city of Menominee.

This loop is of the wind velocities as the storm moved through the Menominee area.  Of note is that the intense winds occurred on such a small area and short time scale that they were not sampled by the radar.  This makes detection of such events a challenge.








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