Temperatures to Decrease Throughout the Day (Sunday, November 11)

So normally...one would expect temperatures to rise during the heating of the day, reaching it's peak a couple hours after the maximum sun angle is reached, and then steadily decline throughout the evening and overnight with loss of solar heating.   However, things have played out quite the opposite here in Upper Michigan over the last 24 to 36 hours.

An approaching low pressure system from the southwest caused a warm front to pass across Upper Michigan last night (Saturday night). As a result, temperatures steadily increased throughout the day yesterday, and continued to increase throughout the overnight hours as warm southerly air filtered in across Upper Michigan.  Now the cold front is closing in on us...expected to move across western and central Upper Michigan throughout the day.  As a result, our maximum temperatures in these areas were actually reached this morning, and will continue to decline throughout the remainder of the day, in response to colder arctic air on the other side of the front.

Here's a look at temperatures, wind speeds, wind chill, and barometric pressure  since midnight Saturday.  Notice the steady increase in temperatures in response to the warm front overnight, and the decrease in barometric pressure as the low pressure system nears.  Wind speeds have been on the increase as well. You also may notice that we have plateaued (stayed nearly the same) for temperatures over the last few hours, awaiting the slow decline.


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