November 19: A Day In History

In case you haven't had a chance to look at our "Today in History" section on our NWS Marquette page... Here are some interesting facts that occured on this day, November 19!  Note: it's officially been 392  years since the Mayflower first landed on the shores of what was to become the United States.  Happy Thanksgiving America!


Fun Facts
1493 Christopher Columbus discovers Puerto Rico
1582 Puerto Rico Discovery Day
1620 Mayflower pilgrims reach Cape Cod
1644 1st protestant ministry society in New England
1863 Lincoln delivers Gettysburg address
1895 Pencil invented
1919 Treaty of Versailles & League of Nations rejected by US Senate
1959 Ford cancels Edsel
1970 Golden Gate Park Conservatory becomes a Cal State Historical Landmark
1971 Ft Wilderness opens
1977 Egyptian Pres Anwar Sadat arrives in Israel
1977 Canuck's Ron Sedlbauer failed on 3rd penalty shot against Islanders
1978 Rev Jim Jones leads 911 people in suicide in Jonestown Guyana

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