Where's The Ice??

Well it seems to be happening again this year...

Above normal temperatures have kept ice from forming not only on Lake Superior, but across the other Great Lakes as well.  According to the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL), much of the Bay of Green Bay should be iced over, along with western Lake Erie. Take a look at the expected ice cover compared to yesterday's MODIS image of the Great Lakes (courtesy of GLERL), and ask yourself.... Where's The Ice??? 

(Unfortunately there was widespread cloud cover across the Lower Great Lakes during the time this picture was taken, but the Upper Great Lakes are still quite visible).


Some other interesting things to note from this image...

Cloud cover...notice the clouds oriented along the eastern shores of the visible Lakes.  This is a result of westerly winds flowing across the lake, picking up moisture, and condensing to form lake enhanced clouds.

Snow cover...Almost all of the region has snow cover. But notice at the southern tip of Lake Michigan, Chicago is bare.  Shall we call this the Chicago Snow Hole?  Though they have received some snowfall, above freezing temperatures have since caused it to melt, while heavier snow bands passed just to the south and to the north of Chicago, blanketing the surrounding areas in snow and leaving Chicago snowless.




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