Today (Monday, February 11) is National Clean Out Your Computer Day!

Monday February 11, 2013
Clean Out Your Computer Day!



Have you ever heard of a holiday called Clean Out Your Computer Day?

It was started by workers at the Institute for Business Technology back in the year 2000 and it's been celebrated by computer enthusiasts ever since.

Here are some ideas that will help you celebrate it:

1.    Organize Your Files and Folders

·         Sit down and organize your files and folders. Only too many of us simply dump files on the desktop, leave downloaded documents, pictures and movies in the Downloads folder and don't bother to organize photos by dates, trips or type. It's your choice how you decide to structure your folders, just keep in mind that no files other than program shortcuts should be kept on your desktop because they consume too much memory and make your computer startup take ages.

Another thing you can do to keep your computer more organized is to find and delete duplicate files. Even if you try to keep things neat, you are bound to have some duplicate songs, pictures and maybe even documents. These duplicates waste hard drive space and can cause confusion.

2.   Delete Junk Files

·         Do you know why computers need to be cleaned up? Because, like rooms, they accumulate junk with time. Computer junk comes in different shapes and sizes. It includes things like temporary Internet files, system temp files, stuff in your Recycle Bin, old system restore point, outdated registry errors and even software you don't use. Deleting junk files will not only free up a lot of disk space, but it will also make your computer faster during startup and shutdown. So it does make sense to delete them every now and then. Clean Up Your Computer Day is a great time to start taking care of computer junk.

3.   Eliminate the Dust

·         Believe it or not, but your computer needs to be cleaned both on the outside and on the inside. Dust can accumulate inside your computer and cause nasty problems like overheating. Used canned air to blow dust out of your computer case and use a soft brush to clean your keyboard. Turn it over before you start to ensure that every single bit of dust and crumbs falls out.


These tips will help you start celebrating Clean Out Your Computer Day! But, strictly speaking, you should do it more often than once a year if you want your computer to be fast and stable.

Source: Lizzie Donovan, Yahoo! Contributor Network

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