Ice Growth and Movement on the Great Lakes as seen via Satellite...Tuesday 1/21

Satellite imagery (taken Tuesday 1/21/2014) showing ice formation and movement on Lake Michigan and Lake Superior


Once again, several breaks in the cloud cover occurred across the area, allowing for several snap shots of the ice formation/movement on portions of the Great Lakes.  A couple of interesting things to note in this animated satellite loop are the growth in the ice cover as well as the very slight movement in the ice throughout the day.  This is much easier to see across the central portions of Lake Superior (as there is little cloud cover); however, when looking closely, it is possible to see some shifting/growing of the ice cover over many areas of Lake Superior.  Winds are expected to increase intermittently across the Great Lakes throughout the remainder of the workweek.  These stronger winds tend to break apart some of the newly developed ice, so it will be interesting to see the impacts on the next clear day.




























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