Wet Weekend August 14-16

After dry weather for much of the spring and summer, a wet weekend brought much-needed rainfall to parts of eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.  Below are some of the 3-day rainfall totals, from reports received Saturday morning through Monday morning:


Randolph, NE                     3.51 (1 day)

Neligh, NE                           3.32

Pierce, NE                           3.05 (2 days)

Hastings, IA                        2.81

Fremont, NE airport        2.73

Norfolk, NE (COOP)        2.59

West Point, NE                  2.40

Fremont, NE (COOP)      2.33

Howells, NE                        2.33 (2 days)

Glenwood, IA                    2.25

Schuyler, NE                       2.17

Tekamah, NE airport       2.00

Tekamah, NE (COOP)     1.95

David City, NE                    1.95

Offutt AFB, NE                  1.94

Norfolk, NE airport          1.82

Uehling, NE                        1.79

Oakdale, NE                       1.72

Bloomfield, NE                  1.71

Fort Calhoun, NE              1.71

Oakland, IA                         1.64

Valley, NE NWS                 1.60

Little Sioux, IA                   1.56

Lincoln, NE airport           1.54

Raymond, NE                     1.54

Papillion, NE                       1.45

Omaha Eppley airport    1.37


Randolph and Pierce, NE, both received over 3 inches of rain on Saturday night alone!  A few other reports of heavy rainfall were also received, including 5.5 inches in Clearwater, NE.


Despite the heavy rain, most areas still are below normal for precipitation for 2009.  However, the rain has helped in the short term by providing needed moisture for maturing corn and soybean crops.  The graph below shows how the rain so far this year in Norfolk, NE, compares to normal, as well as to the wettest and driest years and to last year.


norfolk 2009 precipitation to date


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