October 10, 2009 Snowfall - corrected 10/13

An unusually early winter storm system brought accumulating snow to parts of Nebraska and Iowa during the early and mid morning hours of Saturday, October 10, 2009.  Below is a radar image from 548 AM CDT of the fairly narrow snow band.  This band developed across Nebraska and western Iowa north of a cold front, in association with strong upward vertical motion in the mid levels of the atmosphere.  Snowfall totals reached up to 17 inches in the North Platte area.  Amounts around 10 inches were reported in parts of central Nebraska around Loup City.  The snowfall total at the National Weather Service office near Valley, NE in western Douglas county was 5.5 inches.  The total at Omaha's Eppley Airfield was 3.5 inches.

The cold front that moved through eastern Nebraska and southwest Iowa Friday evening is visible in the 548 AM radar image, extending from southwest to northeast over parts of eastern Kansas and western Missouri.   



Total snowfall at the NWS office in Valley 10/10/2009 was 5.5 inches - with 3.5 inches at Eppley Airfield.

This amount is in the top 5 for most snow in a calendar day in October for the Omaha area.  The highest daily snowfall amounts for October in inches are...


Rank Value Ending Date
1 5.7 10/31/1991
2 5.2 10/27/1980
3 3.5 10/10/2009, 10/9/1970
5 2.8 10/22/1996
6 1.9 10/22/1979
7 1.6 10/23/2002
8 1.5 10/26/1967
9 1.4 10/18/1976
10 0.9 10/24/1981

Note:  Official snow records for Omaha in 1997 were not taken, but unofficially, 8.0 inches of snow were recorded at the NWS office in Valley on 10/26/1997, and 1.2 inches were recorded on 10/25/1997, both of which would have made the top 10!


The highest all time calendar day snowfall amount (any day of the year) for the Omaha area is 18.3 inches, which fell February 11, 1965.

Snowfall map - amounts up through around 700 AM CDT. 

 hThis This not the earliest date that the area has seen measurable snow. The earliest measurable snows in the area since 1948 are:

Omaha on 9/29/1985  when 0.3" fell

Lincoln on 9/29/1985  when 0.8" fell

Norfolk on 9/28/1985 and 9/281945  when 0.1" fell  (9/28 to 9/29 of 1985 measured 1.1" total)

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